Broadway Nails- Nail Dress Stick-On Wraps

I bought “Nail Dress Stick-On Wraps” by Broadway Nails last week when I was out shopping. I actually went to the store to buy a similar product by Sally Hansen, which I did buy as well (haven’t tried them yet. When I do I will review them too).

Instead of painting your nails with nail polish, you stick these nail stickers on and file off the excess. There were a few different patterns to chose from. I picked the pink and black zebra print nails.

The box came with 2 nail sheets with 14 stickers on each one and a double sided nail file. One side of the nail file was pink which you use to smooth the air bubbles out of the stickers after you apply it. The other side was black and it’s used to file off the excess of the nail stickers. Each sticker has a tab at the very end of it which I liked. It made applying the sticker much easier.

Even though the box included many different size stickers I couldn’t find one to fit most of my nails. If you looked at my nails from far away you couldn’t see the problem but up close I could. On both sides of my nails the sticker did not cover all of my nail. I have small fingernails too but still my nails were not covered. That was problem one.

There were only a few air bubbles but the pink side of the nail file helped to smooth them out. Filing off the excess nail wrap was a bit hard. I had to use some of my fingers to hold down the stickers while I was applying them to my nails or else they would fall off right away. You are supposed to file the stickers in a downward motion but that didn’t work really so I filed across. That just made my nails look all jagged.

I applied these nails at 10 PM. It took about 1/2 an hour or so to apply the nails, so I was done by 10:30 PM which was when I went to bed. By 10:50 PM 3 of the nail stickers fell off. By 11:30 a few more fell off (I had my cell phone right by my bed so I could see the time). Since most of the stickers fell off I peeled off the last few. All I did was lay down in bed to fall asleep and they fell off! On the box it said to apply a top coat which I will admit I didn’t. I really didn’t see that making the product last longer.The stickers didn’t seem to be sticky enough to stay on.

I would NOT repurchase this product. I hated it. Waste of time and money. I don’t remember how much this cost exactly but I think it was around $6. I just wasted $6 on a product that didn’t even last half an hour. Do not buy!

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Internet Problems

For the past week or so I couldn’t get online. My wireless router stopped working and I had to get a new one. I will be posting some reviews up soon! 😀

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Makeup Storage

Lately I have been buying so much makeup and skin care products that I was running out of room. The draws in the storage shelves I had weren’t closing so today I went to Walmart and bought two more. It’s much better now. 😀

The storage containers aren’t crooked. They just look it in the picture lol.

How do you store your makeup/ beauty products?

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Valentines Day Nails

I’ve been testing out a few products that I bought two weeks ago so the reviews for them will be up shortly. Since Valentines Day is a week from today I decided to use that as a theme for my nails.

Nail Polish: An Affair in Red Square by OPI.  It’s a gorgeous red color.

The white roses on the nails are stickers by Broadway Nails that I found at Walgreens. They came in a pack with other kinds of stickers as well.

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Oh Deere

One of my favorite places to get makeup ideas from is Doe Deere, the owner of Lime Crime makeup. Doe Deere, whose name is Xenia, moved from Russia to the United States when she was younger. Now she has her a makeup line, but before that she released her own music and sold clothing. Yesterday I was going to do a post on Doe Deere, Lime Crime and reviews on her makeup that I have bought,  but my opinion of her has changed drastically in the past 24 hours.

*Image taken from Lime Crime

A few years ago I remember reading online that quite a few people didn’t like her and they thought she was a scam artist. Since you can’t trust everything you read, I ignored what was written. When people start their own business or are very talented they can receive many haters and I thought that was what was happening. Then yesterday while I was doing research on Doe Deere more than a few posts came up on Google about her being a scam artist. Many of the people who wrote these posts had bought makeup from her and liked her originally but their opinions of her have gone downhill.

I contacted someone I know online (don’t want to give their name out). They said they have known Doe Deere for quite a few years, that they like her and they are shocked by the allegations against her. I do trust this person and I believe they are telling me what they honestly believe, but since there are so many stories about Doe Deere being a scam artist by many different people, I tend to believe the people who don’t like her. Like I said earlier in this post I did like her and was going to do a positive review about her and her makeup line but because there are so many bad things about her I am not going to now. I don’t hate her as she hasn’t personally done anything to me and I’m not telling my readers to hate her. I just want everyone to do their own research and come up with their own conclusions.

To see some of the things that are said about her being not so nice click on the following links: (read the comments) (read the comments)

There are many more sites out there about this topic. Just Google it.

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Since I started using the Green Apple Peel by Juice Beauty my skin has been looking pretty good. There’s still a few zits on my face but not many, so I am very happy at the moment.  I’m so glad my friend recommended it to me. Other than acne, one of my problems with the skin on my face is blackheads. I don’t have any on my forehead, but my nose has tons. While browsing the other day I came across an article there on Isolaz. Never heard of Isolaz before but it sounded interesting. Here’s what had to say about it:

The procedure: Isolaz

What it is: An in-office acne treatment that uses a broadband light and a vacuum to deeply purify pores.

How it works: A cleansing vacuum loosens and extracts dirt and excess oil from deep within pores then a painless light helps to destroy acne-causing bacteria.

Downtime: There is no redness or crusting following the procedure and patients can resume normal activities immediately.

Average cost: $200-350 per treatment. Four to six treatments are usually needed, but some patients may need more or less.

After doing more research on this I really want it done but I don’t have the money for it at the moment. Even if I did I couldn’t get it done because it only seems to be  in 6 places (Canada, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom). I couldn’t find any information on it being done where I live. O (Operahs magazine), Allure, Instyle, Marie Claire and a few other magazines have mentioned Isolaz so hopefully it will become avaliable in the United States at some point in the future.

Anyone know anything about it? Ever had this treatment?

For more information visit

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Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask

Today was supposed to be my second day of school (I go on Tuesdays and Thursdays) but we had a snow day. Every week the schools around here have had at least one snow day since this winter started. The amount of snow we have been getting is insane. We are well over the average amount of snowfall and winter just started last month.

Since it’s so cold out the heat inside the house has to be turned up high and it’s been drying out my hair and my skin. My skin is so dry that it’s itchy. I keep scratching at it nonstop which just makes it all red.

My hair has always been frizzy, but because of the radiator it is becoming even dryer. On Monday when I went shopping I bought a hair mask by Neutrogena. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while but never bought it (I can be cheap sometimes lol).

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask

The  directions say to “apply a small amount to your wet hair after you shampoo it. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse well”. Sometimes I put olive oil in my dry hair and let it soak in my hair for a while so I decided to do that with this product. I covered my hair completely with this mask and let it sit for 1 hour 20 minutes. After I washed the mask out of my hair with just water, no shampoo. I did it last night and wasn’t going anywhere so I didn’t need to use shampoo. My hair felt really soft after. This morning I washed my hair, with shampoo, in the shower. I didn’t use conditioner because I wanted to make sure this product worked. After I dried my hair, it felt so smooth and there was no frizz (I did use a straightener but my hair before that didn’t look frizzy at all).

The next time I use this hair mask I think I will put it on my dry hair again. It might just be me, but I feel like putting this on wet hair for 3 to 5 minutes won’t do much for my hair. Overall I did like this product. It made my hair feel really smooth and it helped with the frizz. The only downside (for me anyway) is that it’s a bit pricey. The product cost $7.49 USD but the jar isn’t very big. If you have long hair like I do you will get 3 uses of this tops. The jar is about half empty already. I would repurchase this hair mask  if my hair gets really dry and frizzy again (which I know it will).

For more reviews on this you can visit

For reference: my hair is naturally wavy, few inches longer than my shoulders, I rarely use a straightener or hair dryer and my hair is dyed about 4 times a year.

Any questions about this product please let me know. 😀

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