Snow Day

Here in Massachusetts we got a major snow storm. Thankfully I don’t have to go into work. It’s been coming down for hours. Not sure exactly how long but it is still coming down. I hope it either stops snowing now or I hope I don’t have to go to work again tomorrow. I’d rather have another day off. 😀 When I first looked out the window I saw that part of my neighbors tree had fallen on my car. It’ a magnolia tree and a huge branch is on top of my car. Thankfully it doesn’t look damaged. The whole tree is sagging because of the weight of the snow. I hope it doesn’t snap! I don’t mind the cold. It’s the snow I hate. Shoveling the driveway and sidewalk isn’t fun! Christmas day is the only day when I find snow to be ok. Other than that I don’t like it at all!

Snow Day 1/12/11 View from my bedroom window.

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8 Responses to Snow Day

  1. LOIS says:

    Thank you! Oh no on christmas AND nye?! Thats bad. I was sick once on nye and it sucked. Yeah, hope i will be fine soon. Keep checking my blog 🙂 Love Lois

  2. Ferrets are great pets! Little troublemakers though!

    Thanks for finding me! Your blog is gorgeous! I’m from Mass orginally!!!! small world! I live in NC now though and enjoyed these snow days to the max! =)


  3. whoa – that is a TON of snow! we’ve only gotten flurries down south. looks like your new to blogging – can’t wait to read more! it’s addicting! 🙂

  4. Nani says:

    Thank you so much : D
    You have NO idea how nervous I was.. I wanted to cry and throw up! xD haha

  5. omg! that’s alot of snow, be carefull with driving etc lol!

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