I’ve seen many people talk about wigs on their blogs and on forums, so I’ve been wanting to try wearing one. I like the idea that you can change hair colors and styles without actually having to dye or style your hair.  Some of the wigs people wore looked so real! I heard Gabalstory was a good wig company but their website is in Korean and since I don’t know how to speak/ read Korean I couldn’t get one from there.

Images from Gabalstory

See don’t they look so real?!?!?! 😮

A few weeks ago I was shopping at YesStyle (love this site btw I’ve bought many things from there!) and I saw that they had a lot of wigs on their site so I was excited. I decided to buy this wig as it’s the same style and color as my hair is now. I didn’t want my first wig to look different from my real hair because I wanted to try wearing it around to see if people realized that it was fake. I don’t want people people to know that the wig is a wig! I want them to think it’s my real hair. I got the wig in the mail on Friday afternoon and I put it on. My father didn’t notice anything (but then again I once cut quite a few inches off my hair and he didn’t notice that either! Lol) so I waited until my mom got home. If anyone would notice it would be her. She didn’t say anything so she must have thought it was my real hair which made me happy. I want to get more wigs now in other styles and colors.

I paid $65 USD for my wig but now it’s on sale for $58.50. The wigs aren’t cheap but I’ve seen other wigs online for hundreds (even $1000 USD+) of dollars. Some wigs cost $10 on other sites but I didn’t want to go to cheap. You often get what you pay for so if the wig was to cheap it wouldn’t be of good quality. If I got a wig for an anime convention I’d pay for a cheap one because then I wouldn’t care if people knew it was fake. For daily wear I wanted a good quality wig so I payed a bit more for it.

This wig does look real. I think I could wear it out and people wouldn’t know it was fake. The hair isn’t real human hair, it’s synthetic but it’s still good quality. I think it feels a little rough (well at least compared to my real hair) but I’m not sure if people would know it was fake. One thing I like about the wig I got is that the hair is layered so it looks really pretty from the back. Other than the price being a little bit high and the hair being a little bit rough I would buy another wig from YesStyle. The wig is of good quality and there are many different colors and styles to choose from. It’s hard to decide what one to pick next! I think it’ll be either a light brown or red one. Can’t chose!

Sorry these aren’t the best quality pictures.
I took these pictures late Friday night so I had no makeup on and was in my pajamas. Ignore that!

If I missed anything and you have a question then feel free to contact me!

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5 Responses to Wigs

  1. aki! says:

    You’re right, I’d definitely wear a wig before cutting/changing my hair in any way. You really can’t tell that’s a wig!

  2. Elle says:

    oh my goodness! Those wigs look SO real! Too bad I don’t read korean either 😦

  3. *~kAy~* says:

    Looks great! 🙂
    Sometimes I prefer synthetic wigs better 😛 I won’t feel so freaked out that I have somebody else’s hair on me 😛 ahha!
    Pretty good deal too! 🙂 good wigs that don’t look fake usually costs around this much or more so I think you did really well, especially with the sale! 🙂

  4. Jen says:

    Those wigs look SO real! Wow! Really pretty too!! I’ve never shopped at YesStyle before, but I’ve browsed a few times 🙂

  5. Miss Hannah says:

    hello!! ♥ this is Hannah from the Scissor Aristocracy blog…you left me a bunch of comments a while back, and I just wanted to say thankyou! ♥ it’s nice to meet another moonchild…and someone else from MA, too! xD

    also, i’m VERY impressed with these wigs! wow! *___* i’ve heard of yesstyle, but i never really knew if they were any good or not…now i might have to check them out! very cool! ♥

    http://www.scissoraristocracy.blogspot.com ♥ xoxo

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