Lil Kim OMG

After the huge snow storm last week you would think we had gotten enough snow, but no, we got more today. It also snowed Saturday night. I thought it would be a bad winter but this is insane. We are also getting more snow tonight/tomorrow. Crazyness. *Sigh*

But anyway, on to today’s article…….

I’m not completely against plastic surgery. I wouldn’t get it myself but I can see times in which people might need it (such as being in an accident, etc). One main problem with plastic surgery  is that it can become addicting. A person may start off saying they want only a nose job but before you know it they have a face lift and breast implants, yet they still are not satisfied. In Hollywood it’s very common to see celebrities have work done. There are even websites dedicated to the plastic surgeries of celebrities. Yesterday I was browsing and I came across these pictures of Lil Kim.

I was shocked when I saw these pictures. She looks like a completely different person! She looks more Caucasian with the lighter skin and light eye color. I don’t like how she looks now she looked way better years ago.

Most of the time when people get work done on one body part they look good, but if you get to much done you can end up looking like this:

I think people need to be happier with themselves. I know a few people who have had work done. All except for one had only one thing done. I noticed the ones who had only one thing done where happy with themselves after the surgery. The lady who had a few things done still wasn’t happy with herself. People are to obsessed with their looks these days.

While it’s fun to play around with makeup people shouldn’t become looks obsessed. My mom, for example, can’t even leave the house without makeup. While I love playing around with different makeup looks I go out of the house without it most days. I’m not completely happy with myself but I know getting plastic surgery is something I would never do.

Would you ever get anything done? Do you think people are to obsessed with how they look? What do you do when you dislike a certain body part? Let me know in the comments below. 😀

*Pictures from here, here and here.

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One Response to Lil Kim OMG

  1. Colette says:

    Ugh! This is so gross. Lil Kim just killed her natural beauty. Why would you go and ruin yourself like that? I don’t understand. It’s ok to fix one thing because it’s a real problem but change the whole body? No thanks. I’ll pass. I don’t think i’ll ever have plastic surgery done. Of course there are things about my body that i don’t like, but i wouldn’t go under a knife.

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