Missha Buys

Most of my friends went back to school yesterday so they are away. My school doesn’t start until next Monday, but I don’t have any classes on that day so I start on Tuesday. I am glad to have another week off but it’s boring now that everyone is away. Not that I could go out with all the snow we have. We are getting yet ANOTHER major storm on Friday. This will be a boring week for me. Thank God for online shopping lmao. I just went shopping at Missha. Never used any of their stuff before. When I get my products in the mail I will try them out and write reviews on everything. I bought the BB Cream which I have been dying to get my hands on. I also bought the following:

(1) M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA++ (#13-Milky Beige)
(2) Papaya Foot Scrub
(3) Milk & Papaya Body Scrub
(4) Magic Lip Blush
(5) Pure Source Sheet Mask- Aloe (2x)
(6) Pure Source Sheet Mask- Tea Tree (2x)
(7) Pure Source Sheet Mask Green Tea

Right after my order went through I lost my credit card. Well it’s not lost, it just fell under the couch and I can’t get to it. I manage to lose it 2x within 5 minutes but I quickly found it the first time. The second time it fell farther down. I am such a klutz!

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3 Responses to Missha Buys

  1. Bree says:

    that papaya foot scrub sounds amazing!


  2. Nice blog! Is that you in the header?

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