How Far Is To Far?

I know all of my posts so far have been on beauty but I don’t want to call this a beauty blog. At some point I will write on other subjects. Nothing interesting has been going on in my life really. Just working and going to school (the new semester starts next week). I like to do reviews on beauty products so for now I will do a lot of those. Maybe even a tutorial. I shall see. 😀

First watch this video:

What the hell is wrong with this mother? Her daughter is only 5 years old! No 5 year old needs to worry about their looks! The lady at the salon who waxed the girl is just as bad. She should have told the mother that she wouldn’t wax the child. I used to work in a salon and I would never wax a girl that young. It’s unnecessary. Thankfully we didn’t get any customers who wanted a young child to be waxed.

The girl was clearly in pain. Children will cry if they have to get a shot but since shots are important to prevent certain health issues you need to go through with it. Waxing isn’t that critical. I think a person should be at least 12 to get their eyebrows waxed. No younger. Even 12 is young but that’s when most girls start getting into makeup and caring about how they look.

Do you think the mother was wrong? Do you think the girl is to young to get her eyebrows waxed? How old should a person be before they get their eyebrows waxed/ other waxings for the first time?

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4 Responses to How Far Is To Far?

  1. Krissy says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m mortified seeing that video! I had to turn it off. How can that mother do that to her daughter? She’s screaming and crying and I just want to jump through my screen and hug her! Poor thing. And this coming from someone who doesn’t even like kids. But I do have a heart. Poor little girl.

    I absolutely agree with you, too. I don’t think anyone should be younger than 12 for sure. And no one should ever be forced to have it done either. That’s just cruel.

  2. Shabwouina says:

    Oh ly god..o_o… i was almost crying for her !!! Poor baby !!! She’s only 5 years old !!!! she doesn’t need to have her eyebrows waxed (thanks now i know a new word! waxed waxed lool) …. her mom is so stupid !! I agree with you, here in France, young girls start to care for their look at about 13/14yo (they start makeup at this age)…but omg.. 5 years old, she’s on the earth since only 5 YEARS OLD (lol yeah i like to say things like that xD)…
    No no no i was so sad for her….. 😦
    Her mom hasn’t done it for her child, but for HER! This is her mom who cares for her look, not her child !! …. i don’t get it…

  3. very mean, but i was actually lolling at the kid screaming lol. kinda sad though..those beauty contest for lil kids are weird too.

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