What’s In Your Skin Care?

A few years ago I bought Benetint by Benefit Cosmetics. I remember not long after I got it I found out that one of the ingredients in it was carmine. Carmine is what gives Benetint it’s reddish tint. The red tint comes from Carminic acid which is found in insects. The acid is produced as a deterrent to predators. Gross right? Benetint can be used on your cheeks and lips which freaks me out because I lick my lips a lot. As gross as I think this is, I do continue to use this product. I also found out that carmine is in many makeup products (such as red lip glosses, etc) and in yogurt.

I know insects among other gross things are often found in beauty products but I try not to think about it but when I came across a beauty website that was selling  face wash with placenta in it it got me thinking (I’m going to assume it’s human placenta only because they showed a baby on the website). You can view the product here.

I have heard of people using human placenta in skin care products but I was still a bit surprised to see it being sold online and to have the website announce that placenta was an ingredient. Wouldn’t that turn people off from wanting to buy it? I doubt anyone would go looking for this ingredient.

Would you use this product?

I want to say no as the thought of it makes me gag but then I think “what if it really did work?” If it was around for many years and my friends and other beauty bloggers really liked it I might try it, but until then I think I’ll pass.


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5 Responses to What’s In Your Skin Care?

  1. Vermillion says:

    It kinda reminds me of something from tv? This mum used her sons’ sperm to use on her face to make it look more youthful or something….so gross lol D:

    I’ve never heard of human placenta in skin care products before though lol :0

  2. human placenta thing is GROSSSSSS. ohmygod

  3. dblchin says:

    ewwww… the insect looks gross! I dowan to think about it too!

  4. Iyah says:

    OMGOSH! That is gross -_- but I love benetint! oh and thanks for visiting my blog ^^

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