I Need to Stop Buying Stuff

I start school tomorrow (wish me luck!). I wish I had another week. This vacation went by so fast! A month ago today was Christmas Eve. That’s crazy how it flew by. 😮

Yesterday I told myself I need to stop buying so much stuff. I do a lot of online shopping. I said “no more buying anything until the end of February”. That’s cheating a bit though since this month is almost over and February is the shortest month. Today I went to the store and bought quite a few things although that just means more beauty reviews!

*Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask
Never tried this before but I like the brand Neutrogena and my hair needs more moisture in it. It’s so dry and frizzy.

*Sally Hansen Salon Effects in #210 Frock Star
Saw these online and I’ve been wanting to try them (sorry the picture is so blurry).

*Broadway Nails Fashion Divas Nail Art
Never used nail stickers before so I wanted to try them.

*Kiss Nail Artist Stickers
I thought these were cute. They can make a solid nail color more interesting.

*Broadway Nails Fashion Diva Toenail Kit #BGNO1
They were on sale and I’ve never tried fake toe nails on before. I have them on now so someday this week I will write a review on them.

*Broadway Nails Nail Dress Stick-On Wraps
Sorry the picture is blurry! 😦

I also bought some candy which isn’t good as the weather is so bad I haven’t gone to the gym in ages. Reviews coming up on these products soon! 😀

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3 Responses to I Need to Stop Buying Stuff

  1. Monica-Ai says:

    thanks for the comment! i can’t wait to see your review on those stick-on nails!

  2. Lara says:

    nice haul!
    i need to stop buying stuff too lol
    i c u like nail stuff ^^ hehe

  3. Linda Turner says:

    Hi, I noticed your article on nail wraps. I live in South West Scotland and my husband and I design and manufacture Vixen Nail Wraps. Loads of glitter and other colourfull designs ( not just animal prints) . We recently sent some to Caitlin Beadle (Justin Biebers ex) who posted photographs on Twitter. We are constantly seeking feedback and if anybody out there has any ideas of designs they would like to see we would be more than happy to help out. We currently supply our wraps in sheets of 27 double sided wraps, one end more suited to fingers and the other for toes, these retail at £7.50 per sheet of 27, discounts offered to salons, nail tech’s.

    Thank You

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