Since I started using the Green Apple Peel by Juice Beauty my skin has been looking pretty good. There’s still a few zits on my face but not many, so I am very happy at the moment.  I’m so glad my friend recommended it to me. Other than acne, one of my problems with the skin on my face is blackheads. I don’t have any on my forehead, but my nose has tons. While browsing the other day I came across an article there on Isolaz. Never heard of Isolaz before but it sounded interesting. Here’s what had to say about it:

The procedure: Isolaz

What it is: An in-office acne treatment that uses a broadband light and a vacuum to deeply purify pores.

How it works: A cleansing vacuum loosens and extracts dirt and excess oil from deep within pores then a painless light helps to destroy acne-causing bacteria.

Downtime: There is no redness or crusting following the procedure and patients can resume normal activities immediately.

Average cost: $200-350 per treatment. Four to six treatments are usually needed, but some patients may need more or less.

After doing more research on this I really want it done but I don’t have the money for it at the moment. Even if I did I couldn’t get it done because it only seems to be  in 6 places (Canada, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom). I couldn’t find any information on it being done where I live. O (Operahs magazine), Allure, Instyle, Marie Claire and a few other magazines have mentioned Isolaz so hopefully it will become avaliable in the United States at some point in the future.

Anyone know anything about it? Ever had this treatment?

For more information visit

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  1. hmm it makes me curious too, but haven’t heard much about it..

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