Oh Deere

One of my favorite places to get makeup ideas from is Doe Deere, the owner of Lime Crime makeup. Doe Deere, whose name is Xenia, moved from Russia to the United States when she was younger. Now she has her a makeup line, but before that she released her own music and sold clothing. Yesterday I was going to do a post on Doe Deere, Lime Crime and reviews on her makeup that I have bought,  but my opinion of her has changed drastically in the past 24 hours.

*Image taken from Lime Crime

A few years ago I remember reading online that quite a few people didn’t like her and they thought she was a scam artist. Since you can’t trust everything you read, I ignored what was written. When people start their own business or are very talented they can receive many haters and I thought that was what was happening. Then yesterday while I was doing research on Doe Deere more than a few posts came up on Google about her being a scam artist. Many of the people who wrote these posts had bought makeup from her and liked her originally but their opinions of her have gone downhill.

I contacted someone I know online (don’t want to give their name out). They said they have known Doe Deere for quite a few years, that they like her and they are shocked by the allegations against her. I do trust this person and I believe they are telling me what they honestly believe, but since there are so many stories about Doe Deere being a scam artist by many different people, I tend to believe the people who don’t like her. Like I said earlier in this post I did like her and was going to do a positive review about her and her makeup line but because there are so many bad things about her I am not going to now. I don’t hate her as she hasn’t personally done anything to me and I’m not telling my readers to hate her. I just want everyone to do their own research and come up with their own conclusions.

To see some of the things that are said about her being not so nice click on the following links:



http://www.examiner.com/beauty-in-new-york/is-it-a-crime-to-look-this-good-lime-crime-makeup (read the comments)



http://www.afrobella.com/2009/11/12/the-straight-dope-from-doe-deere/ (read the comments)

There are many more sites out there about this topic. Just Google it.

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3 Responses to Oh Deere

  1. I heard about it too.. sad

  2. Jolaaa says:

    thankss for your lovely comment on my blog!

    Too be honest, I’ve never heard of her.. But just googled her and I do like her website!

  3. user123123 says:

    She also photoshops all her photos, so her makeup isnt as good as it looks in her photos anyway. and she’s not beautiful like she looks, but average. it’s too bad because she seems like such a hateful person and has such a large following of impressionable girls.

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