Broadway Nails- Nail Dress Stick-On Wraps

I bought “Nail Dress Stick-On Wraps” by Broadway Nails last week when I was out shopping. I actually went to the store to buy a similar product by Sally Hansen, which I did buy as well (haven’t tried them yet. When I do I will review them too).

Instead of painting your nails with nail polish, you stick these nail stickers on and file off the excess. There were a few different patterns to chose from. I picked the pink and black zebra print nails.

The box came with 2 nail sheets with 14 stickers on each one and a double sided nail file. One side of the nail file was pink which you use to smooth the air bubbles out of the stickers after you apply it. The other side was black and it’s used to file off the excess of the nail stickers. Each sticker has a tab at the very end of it which I liked. It made applying the sticker much easier.

Even though the box included many different size stickers I couldn’t find one to fit most of my nails. If you looked at my nails from far away you couldn’t see the problem but up close I could. On both sides of my nails the sticker did not cover all of my nail. I have small fingernails too but still my nails were not covered. That was problem one.

There were only a few air bubbles but the pink side of the nail file helped to smooth them out. Filing off the excess nail wrap was a bit hard. I had to use some of my fingers to hold down the stickers while I was applying them to my nails or else they would fall off right away. You are supposed to file the stickers in a downward motion but that didn’t work really so I filed across. That just made my nails look all jagged.

I applied these nails at 10 PM. It took about 1/2 an hour or so to apply the nails, so I was done by 10:30 PM which was when I went to bed. By 10:50 PM 3 of the nail stickers fell off. By 11:30 a few more fell off (I had my cell phone right by my bed so I could see the time). Since most of the stickers fell off I peeled off the last few. All I did was lay down in bed to fall asleep and they fell off! On the box it said to apply a top coat which I will admit I didn’t. I really didn’t see that making the product last longer.The stickers didn’t seem to be sticky enough to stay on.

I would NOT repurchase this product. I hated it. Waste of time and money. I don’t remember how much this cost exactly but I think it was around $6. I just wasted $6 on a product that didn’t even last half an hour. Do not buy!

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