Is Luuux a Scam?

I heard about Luuux months ago but I only recently thought about joining. For those of you who don’t know what Luuux is I will explain. It’s a website where instead of having a blog on WordPress, Blogspot, etc, you post at their website. Every time you add or comment on someone content, or like a post you get points. The points can be redeemed for prizes such as makeup brushes, Apple iPads, cameras, gift cards plus many other things. I know some people would say it sounds too good to be true but I use Swagbucks which really does work so I thought Luuux was a great.

That was until earlier today I was looking at a makeup blog (I honestly can’t remember which one as I was browsing a few at one time) and they said that Luuux has quite a few flaws which made me think that joining may not be a good idea. I went to Google and looked for more information on this website and while many people did like the website, many had problems with it. For one, there was a MAJOR problem with people on the website stealing other peoples content. Since the more you post, the more points you get, people are trying to post often and stealing other peoples content is much faster than typing up your own stuff. You can’t always stop people from taking your content especially the words that you type but for pictures you can at least put your website link on the image to stop people from taking them.

Another problem is that when you do get enough points for a product you have to pay for shipping yourself. You can either pay for shipping by using more points or using actual money. Shipping should be included in the price of the product. You shouldn’t have to pay for your shipping yourself!

There were quite a few other issues but those two seemed to be the biggest.

For more information on this topic visit the following links:

Have You Tried Luuux?
Luuux: A Place Where Thieves Get Ahead

Luuux.Com Do I Smell Something Fishy

Luuux Users Please Don’t Try Me!

Those are just a few websites that complain about Luuux. There are many more out there just Google it for more information.

On Luuux I saw some posts by some girls getting bitchy about non Luuux users complaining about the website. I know not all the girls are stealing other peoples posts but I just wanted to get the message out there and tell readers to be careful when they sign up for stuff online.

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Long Ass Day

I have a killer headache because today was a long tiring day. It was my first day back at school after winter vacation so that means new classes. My mom came into my room early this morning to tell me she was driving me to school because it was snowing out a bit and she said she doesn’t trust me driving in the snow (she doesn’t trust me driving in the summer either though lol). Then she went on and on yelling at me about how my father saw me driving to fast down our street. My dad yelled at me yesterday but he shouldn’t talk. He drives faster than me and he has road rage!

So on the way to school my mom noticed an icon lit up on the dashboard telling her that there was a problem with one of the tires. We got to my school at 9:20 AM (my class started at 9:30) and my mom sees that her front left tire was flat. Some guy who was getting out of his car to go in the school notices that there is a problem so he says he will help. While he is trying to help us he sees the spare tire stuck under some metal bar and he can’t get to it since he doesn’t have any tools. We thank him for trying and then he leaves.

I call my dad and he says to  tell my mom to call AAA. She tried and it couldn’t go through. Then I kept trying but we kept getting a busy signal so my mom called my dad and told him. Since class was starting I went inside to find my classroom. A  different class took over the classroom I was supposed to be in. I was confused since I didn’t know where to go, so I waited for a few more people to show up. We waited for about 10 minutes and then another student appeared and said we were being moved to another classroom. The class seems to be a bit boring I think. It’s American Literature I and it’s on readings from authors before the Civil War. I like to read but I don’t like people telling me what to read. The teacher said if you miss more than a  few classes you will get a zero. Ugh. I get sick a lot. Better not be sick for this class then!

When I get out of class I call my mom and I find  out that my dad got through to AAA and it was going to be up to a 3 hour wait. A man from AAA told my dad that yesterday they got over 300 phone calls! 😮 That’s a ton. My mom was sitting in the schools lounge area so I sat with her. I felt like a nerd. First day of school and I’m trying to make new friends and I sit with my mom. Nice. Lol. The whole time she kept talking and talking to me. It was driving me nuts.

My grandmother had a doctors appointment scheduled for last Tuesday but because of the major snow storm she had to cancel it. She rescheduled it for today at 10:00 AM but because of the flat tire my dad had to take her. It was important for her to go because she has high blood pressure and the medicine she had been taking gave her a bad allergic reaction. 😦

My dad called and says he will be there in 2 minutes and AAA calls right after and said they will be there in 5 minutes. Me and my mom went outside to wait for them (in the freezing cold). Then my dad got there and I felt like the biggest nerd ever because I was at school with both my parents. The AAA guy comes and fixes the car but I can skip the details on that. Not really interesting. :p

After my class I had to go to work. Since I knew I was going to be late to work I called my boss and told her that. The good thing about my job is that I don’t have a specific time to go in at. I can make my own hours but I always go in at the same time. Since I got to work late I left late. Since I wasn’t expecting the flat tire to happen, I thought I would go to work, then come home and eat. But because of the flat tire everything got delayed so I hadn’t eaten. When I don’t eat much I get a bad headache. Now my head is killing me. Hopefully tomorrow will be better although I doubt it because we are getting more snow then and on Thursday. 😦   /Rant.

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I Need to Stop Buying Stuff

I start school tomorrow (wish me luck!). I wish I had another week. This vacation went by so fast! A month ago today was Christmas Eve. That’s crazy how it flew by. 😮

Yesterday I told myself I need to stop buying so much stuff. I do a lot of online shopping. I said “no more buying anything until the end of February”. That’s cheating a bit though since this month is almost over and February is the shortest month. Today I went to the store and bought quite a few things although that just means more beauty reviews!

*Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask
Never tried this before but I like the brand Neutrogena and my hair needs more moisture in it. It’s so dry and frizzy.

*Sally Hansen Salon Effects in #210 Frock Star
Saw these online and I’ve been wanting to try them (sorry the picture is so blurry).

*Broadway Nails Fashion Divas Nail Art
Never used nail stickers before so I wanted to try them.

*Kiss Nail Artist Stickers
I thought these were cute. They can make a solid nail color more interesting.

*Broadway Nails Fashion Diva Toenail Kit #BGNO1
They were on sale and I’ve never tried fake toe nails on before. I have them on now so someday this week I will write a review on them.

*Broadway Nails Nail Dress Stick-On Wraps
Sorry the picture is blurry! 😦

I also bought some candy which isn’t good as the weather is so bad I haven’t gone to the gym in ages. Reviews coming up on these products soon! 😀

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What’s In Your Skin Care?

A few years ago I bought Benetint by Benefit Cosmetics. I remember not long after I got it I found out that one of the ingredients in it was carmine. Carmine is what gives Benetint it’s reddish tint. The red tint comes from Carminic acid which is found in insects. The acid is produced as a deterrent to predators. Gross right? Benetint can be used on your cheeks and lips which freaks me out because I lick my lips a lot. As gross as I think this is, I do continue to use this product. I also found out that carmine is in many makeup products (such as red lip glosses, etc) and in yogurt.

I know insects among other gross things are often found in beauty products but I try not to think about it but when I came across a beauty website that was selling  face wash with placenta in it it got me thinking (I’m going to assume it’s human placenta only because they showed a baby on the website). You can view the product here.

I have heard of people using human placenta in skin care products but I was still a bit surprised to see it being sold online and to have the website announce that placenta was an ingredient. Wouldn’t that turn people off from wanting to buy it? I doubt anyone would go looking for this ingredient.

Would you use this product?

I want to say no as the thought of it makes me gag but then I think “what if it really did work?” If it was around for many years and my friends and other beauty bloggers really liked it I might try it, but until then I think I’ll pass.


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How Far Is To Far?

I know all of my posts so far have been on beauty but I don’t want to call this a beauty blog. At some point I will write on other subjects. Nothing interesting has been going on in my life really. Just working and going to school (the new semester starts next week). I like to do reviews on beauty products so for now I will do a lot of those. Maybe even a tutorial. I shall see. 😀

First watch this video:

What the hell is wrong with this mother? Her daughter is only 5 years old! No 5 year old needs to worry about their looks! The lady at the salon who waxed the girl is just as bad. She should have told the mother that she wouldn’t wax the child. I used to work in a salon and I would never wax a girl that young. It’s unnecessary. Thankfully we didn’t get any customers who wanted a young child to be waxed.

The girl was clearly in pain. Children will cry if they have to get a shot but since shots are important to prevent certain health issues you need to go through with it. Waxing isn’t that critical. I think a person should be at least 12 to get their eyebrows waxed. No younger. Even 12 is young but that’s when most girls start getting into makeup and caring about how they look.

Do you think the mother was wrong? Do you think the girl is to young to get her eyebrows waxed? How old should a person be before they get their eyebrows waxed/ other waxings for the first time?

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Missha Buys

Most of my friends went back to school yesterday so they are away. My school doesn’t start until next Monday, but I don’t have any classes on that day so I start on Tuesday. I am glad to have another week off but it’s boring now that everyone is away. Not that I could go out with all the snow we have. We are getting yet ANOTHER major storm on Friday. This will be a boring week for me. Thank God for online shopping lmao. I just went shopping at Missha. Never used any of their stuff before. When I get my products in the mail I will try them out and write reviews on everything. I bought the BB Cream which I have been dying to get my hands on. I also bought the following:

(1) M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA++ (#13-Milky Beige)
(2) Papaya Foot Scrub
(3) Milk & Papaya Body Scrub
(4) Magic Lip Blush
(5) Pure Source Sheet Mask- Aloe (2x)
(6) Pure Source Sheet Mask- Tea Tree (2x)
(7) Pure Source Sheet Mask Green Tea

Right after my order went through I lost my credit card. Well it’s not lost, it just fell under the couch and I can’t get to it. I manage to lose it 2x within 5 minutes but I quickly found it the first time. The second time it fell farther down. I am such a klutz!

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Lil Kim OMG

After the huge snow storm last week you would think we had gotten enough snow, but no, we got more today. It also snowed Saturday night. I thought it would be a bad winter but this is insane. We are also getting more snow tonight/tomorrow. Crazyness. *Sigh*

But anyway, on to today’s article…….

I’m not completely against plastic surgery. I wouldn’t get it myself but I can see times in which people might need it (such as being in an accident, etc). One main problem with plastic surgery  is that it can become addicting. A person may start off saying they want only a nose job but before you know it they have a face lift and breast implants, yet they still are not satisfied. In Hollywood it’s very common to see celebrities have work done. There are even websites dedicated to the plastic surgeries of celebrities. Yesterday I was browsing and I came across these pictures of Lil Kim.

I was shocked when I saw these pictures. She looks like a completely different person! She looks more Caucasian with the lighter skin and light eye color. I don’t like how she looks now she looked way better years ago.

Most of the time when people get work done on one body part they look good, but if you get to much done you can end up looking like this:

I think people need to be happier with themselves. I know a few people who have had work done. All except for one had only one thing done. I noticed the ones who had only one thing done where happy with themselves after the surgery. The lady who had a few things done still wasn’t happy with herself. People are to obsessed with their looks these days.

While it’s fun to play around with makeup people shouldn’t become looks obsessed. My mom, for example, can’t even leave the house without makeup. While I love playing around with different makeup looks I go out of the house without it most days. I’m not completely happy with myself but I know getting plastic surgery is something I would never do.

Would you ever get anything done? Do you think people are to obsessed with how they look? What do you do when you dislike a certain body part? Let me know in the comments below. 😀

*Pictures from here, here and here.

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